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Here at Premier Pest Control we take Pest Control to the next level. Unlike other Pest Control companies who push you to schedule your next appointment before they even solve your current Pest problem. At Premier Pest Control we focus on solving your most urgent Pest problem on the first visit.
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Pest Types


Believe it or not, rodents occur almost everywhere outside. Many times we don't notice them because they stay outside when food is plentiful. However, in the fall, a major source of food, plants and seeds become less available so rodents have to seek food elsewhere. Sometimes, that's in your house or garage or attic!

Flying Insects

Mosquitoes pose a greater threat to man's health than any other pest. More than 175 species exist in North America and at least 60 of those have been identified as disease carriers. Malaria, yellow fever, encephalitis, and most recently, West Nile virus, can be transmitted via a long beak with piercing mouthparts that feed off unsuspecting living creatures.

Crawling Insects

There are over 10,000 species of ants, 50 house infesting. Ants come in many shapes , sizes and can be found almost everywhere, usually lots of them in an area. 


Birds can become a great nuisance making a mess and nesting exactly where you don't wan tthem.